Veri Bulut



We are generaly consultant company and services for Energy and new ideas .Otherwise we have best practice about R&D,New market investment and Supply the Employer to our partner companies.


Our History and Team

Our main travel start with our student idea that is corporate friends and search creavity and find people talent.Then ENERGAA born at friend competation result at 2008.


Energaa start Construction works and Recruitment and supply manpower to Turkish companies .2008   Energaa start main energy project with selling water hydraulic turbine and then start with construction works.Then 2011 we start growth  with our new member and team to develop our services.


From 2011 Energaa develop services and growing with new clients and good relationship.


Our Team member not only engineer,manager.e.t.c Our teams are our worker,employee and clients.Because we taken any project we choice best team and offer our proposal and bid with our good sub-clients,engineer,our experience .Finally we earn not only experience we earn new team member,new good friends .

How we Do It

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams and our award-winning proprietary global delivery platform.
Experience for your good A+ energy.